What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an evaluation of a home's current serviceability and durability from an independent, certified inspector. The inspector is independent of the seller, independent of the buyer and independent of any realtor. Their goal is to inspect a property without bias and fully disclose their findings in a complete report to the party who has engaged their services.

The purpose of an inspection is to inform (enlighten) the client of structural, electrical and plumbing problems or deficiencies so purchasing or selling decisions are not blind.

  • For a seller, the difference in knowing a problem with your home may result in either making the necessary repairs to maximize your sale or to adjust expectations of your property's sale.
  • For the buyer, knowing of a property's failings may determine if it is a suitable investment at the time and will not manifest surprise problems and expenses in the near future.

What's Included?

As previously stated, home inspections can be important to both the buyer and seller—having an independent, non-biased professional assess a home's condition allows both parties the knowledge and flexibility to adjust for both the positives and negatives provided in the report. The following is an overview of what the home inspector is looking for:

  • The structure(s) and how they relate to drainage
  • The soundness of the structure and how it relates to building codes and specs
  • The electrical services, the state of the components and their working order
  • Plumbing, any visible or working deterioration or problems
  • Appliances will be checked for working order
  • Water faucets and bath facilities will be checked
  • Other potential problems are noted (maybe mold, pests, etc.)