For homes within El Dorado County, 3 bdrm / 2 ba, up to 2,000 sq ft, I charge $375.00
For homes over 2,000 sq ft and more than 3 bdrm / 2 ba, are based on square footage and extra bathrooms. Please call for quote.
For special structures, as swimming pools, spas, etc starting at $100 for an average pool, $50.00 for a built in spa, and $125 for an average built in pool and spa combo.
Commercial structures are priced as follows: minimum $750.00 and are bid on a "case by case" basis.

Please contact us for exact costs.

What I need from my client

  • I need the water service active
  • I need the electricity turned on
  • I need gas turned on, or available from tank if applicable
  • I need access to the property and structures
  • The client may be present at the inspection, but it is not mandated